The functions of TouchPo

Benefits of the application Practical functions


For whom is the TouchPo application intended?


  • The TouchPo application is designed for small and medium-sized business in the following sectors:
    • catering facilities
    • accommodation services
    • retail and wholesale outlets
    • and any type of services and trades.
  • Combined with quality touch-screen cash registers and accessories, it makes up a practical cash register system, put together in special sets at special rates with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.


What can TouchPo actually do?

There is plenty. It contains extensive cash register and warehouse software and remote management. Below you will find a summary of all important functions. Click on them to read a detailed description and detailed instructions in how to work with individual functions.

Touchpo, easy licence
Touchpo, comprehensive licence
Electronic sales recordsTouchpoTouchpo
Clearly-arranged tile menuTouchpoTouchpo
Item display settingsTouchpoTouchpo
Synchronisation and backupTouchpoTouchpo
User managementTouchpoTouchpo
Order securityTouchpoTouchpo
Security settingsTouchpoTouchpo
Safeguarding cash registers and rightsTouchpoTouchpo
Cash drawer settingsTouchpoTouchpo
Categories for clearly-arranged product sortingTouchpoTouchpo
Customer display with advertisements and receiptTouchpoTouchpo
Reading barcode and QR codeTouchpoTouchpo
Zreport automatically sent by e-mailTouchpoTouchpo
One-off intake and dispensingTouchpoTouchpo
Opening and closing cash registersTouchpoTouchpo
Breakdown list of cash in a cash registerTouchpoTouchpo
Zreport when closing a cash registerTouchpoTouchpo
Paying for an order - payment dialogueTouchpoTouchpo
Dividing an order into orders and tableTouchpoTouchpo
Open ordersTouchpoTouchpo
Parking ordersTouchpoTouchpo
History of orders createdTouchpoTouchpo
Table mapTouchpoTouchpo
Summary of sales in a cash registerTouchpoTouchpo
Time filterTouchpoTouchpo
Tax settingsTouchpoTouchpo
Discount groupsTouchpoTouchpo
Payment settingsTouchpoTouchpo
Printing orders (vouchers)TouchpoTouchpo
Creating, moving and deleting a categoryTouchpoTouchpo
Creating, moving and deleting an itemTouchpoTouchpo
Warehouse ingredientsTouchpoTouchpo
Calculating price based on timeTouchpoTouchpo
EAN, PLU and weight codeTouchpoTouchpo
Labels for labelling itemsTouchpoTouchpo
Short and quick notesTouchpoTouchpo
Bonus pointsTouchpoTouchpo
Take away salesTouchpoTouchpo
Warehouse applications for item recordsTouchpoTouchpo
Adjustment of saved itemTouchpoTouchpo
Item stock in and tracingTouchpoTouchpo
Managing more than one warehouseTouchpoTouchpo
Managing suppliersTouchpoTouchpo
Full and part stock takeTouchpoTouchpo
Transaction, stock take, stock in reportsTouchpoTouchpo
TouchPo Cloud for cash registersTouchpoTouchpo
Shared and subsidiary warehousesTouchpoTouchpo
Filtering data by dateTouchpoTouchpo
Overview of receipts, warehouse values, usersoverview of receipts and users onlyTouchpo
Sales reports with export to .xls and .csvTouchpoTouchpo
Sales from all cash registers by daysTouchpoTouchpo
Parked ordersTouchpoTouchpo
Cash register movements for selected periodsTouchpoTouchpo
Setting different time-based pricesTouchpoTouchpo
Happy HoursTouchpoTouchpo
Reports for different cash registers and timesonly receipts and control reportsTouchpo
List of items with restriction to categoriesTouchpoTouchpo
Creating, editing and deleting an itemTouchpoTouchpo
Stock in, movement to another warehouseTouchpoTouchpo
Individual item ingredientsTouchpoTouchpo
Hide items temporarilyTouchpoTouchpo
Overview of customer accounts createdTouchpoTouchpo
Records of suppliers and stock inTouchpoTouchpo
Overview of levels and warehouse managementTouchpoTouchpo
Overview of orders created by employeesTouchpoTouchpo
Item stock inTouchpoTouchpo
Level of warehouses and itemsTouchpoTouchpo
Movement of items between warehousesTouchpoTouchpo
Assigning items to individual warehousesTouchpoTouchpo
Mass import and export of itemsTouchpoTouchpo
Creating and printing item price tagsTouchpoTouchpo
Advanced technical support optionsTouchpoTouchpo
Offline version and printing guides by chapterTouchpoTouchpo
Advice, tips and instructions - knowledge databaseTouchpoTouchpo
The application can be connected via API interface to e-shops, booking, accounting and other ERP systemsTouchpoTouchpo


On which platform does TouchPo operate?


  • The application is currently available for devices with an Android operating system.


Can TouchPo deal with electronic sales records?


  • Yes. The TouchPo application is prepared for electronic sales records or e-sales. TouchPo keeps local records of all data required for electronic sales records. This date will be sent in the right format to the right place at such time as technical specifications are known. You will not therefore need to take any further steps or buy any hardware at such time as electronic sales records are introduced.


How can you try out the TouchPo application for yourself?


  • Download the TouchPo application for free, with a time-limited licence, from Google Play using a device with Android operating system (tablet or smart phone) and try out its intuitive and simple operation.
Free cash register system | TouchPo | at GooglePlay
  • The downloaded version of the TouchPo cash register system is fully functional and free for thirty days. You can therefore take a month to try out a quality cash register system for sales outlets free-of-charge, a cash register system for restaurants free-of-charge or a system for any establishment or services that you provide.
  • After 30 days, you will only be able to use the demo version and all items will automatically have the same price of CZK 99.


If, after trying it out, you are still interested in the TouchPo cash register application, do not hesitate to contact us.